Articles (peer-reviewed)

Hindsight Bias and Trust in Government

Herz Holger, Kistler Deborah, Zehnder Christian and Zihlmann Christian (2024). Accepted for publication in The Review of Economics and Statistics.

People's distorted memories cause a reduction in trust in government.

Adverse Effects of Control? Evidence from a Field Experiment

Herz Holger and Zihlmann Christian (2024). Experimental Economics.

When controlled by the employer, workers tend to reduce their performance particularly on challenging and hard-to-solve tasks.

Fostering innovation: Experimental evidence on the effectiveness of behavioral interventions

Matthewes Elisa, Nassar Anis and Zihlmann Christian (2022). PLOS ONE.

A null result: Fostering innovation through behavioral interventions is harder than previously thought.

Working Papers

“Extra bacon?” Context Effects in Purchases of Additional Items

Brunner Philipp and Zihlmann Christian (2024).

Consumers who consider the price of the add-on in relation to the price of the previous base good purchase jeopardize the surplus of classical consumers.

Perceived Legitimacy and the Motivation Effects of Power

Herz Holger and Zihlmann Christian.

Subordinates tend to put in more effort if they perceive their leader as legitimate.

Other research contributions

Reproducibility in Management Science

Fišar Miloš, Greiner Ben, Huber Christoph, Katok Elena, Ozkes Ali I. and the Management Science Reproducibility Collaboration (2023). Management Science. Note: Member of the Reproducibility Collaboration.

Introducing otree_tools: A powerful package to provide process data for attention, multitasking behavior and effort through tracking focus

Chapkovski Philipp and Zihlmann Christian (2019). Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance. Special Issue: Software for Experimental Economics.

Work in progress

Compressed beliefs in sports betting and inflation expectations

Zihlmann Christian.

Sports bettors causally assign greater probability to two sub-events (“Home wins” and “Draw”) than the logically equivalent joint event (“Either Home wins or Draw”), a pattern that can also be found in inflation expectations.

Incentive Contracts with Nonstandard Beliefs and Errors in Statistical Reasoning

Herz Holger, Gomez Martinez Francisco and Zihlmann Christian.

A SNSF project that involves incorporating errors in statistical reasoning into incentive theory.